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The Belles and Whistles Silkscreen Stencils create bold, detailed designs on a variety of surfaces.

Each set contains 3 adhesive stencils. Each stencil is reusable up to 10 times.

  • Remove stencil from the white backer sheet. Position the stencil on your project.

  • Apply a thin layer of paint. Remove the silkscreen and clean promptly after use with soap and water.

  • Allow the stencil to dry sticky side up on a paper towel and put back on the white backer sheet once dried.

Each silkscreen stencil measures 8 inches wide × 10 inches high. This silkscreen stencil collection comes complete with a squeegee hand applicator.

Our reusable mylar stencils were designed with you in mind. These stencils are heavy duty 10 mil mylar and the pattern measures 14" x 18".

The designs can be repeated in any direction. Clean promptly after use with soap and water.

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