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Hi! My name is Vanessa Mae Gosson and I am the Owner of Vintage Made Great.


My passion for art all started in kindergarten at the age of 5, when I was introduced to finger painting! I can still feel the excitement and joy it brought me when the teacher said " it's time for art class", and I was hooked!

Not long after my school started electives, which you could pick from a long list, and my first was embroidery. I just loved anything creative, hands on, and colorful. This continued as I grew, a love for anything creative, I went to night school for my folk art certificate, started in crafting, and then Interior Design. 

After that I had many jobs that would give me amazing knowledge and skills, including working in 2 Autobody shops prepping cars, working at Color your World, and then 25 years in the flooring/design industry. I still remember as a child admiring all the architecture, interior's of homes, furniture designs etc.

At the age of 18, I started in a long career and love for anything involving home design, and antique refinishing,.... ​and that brings me to my passion for paint, colour, and design.


I researched and reached out to many paint companies and the only one with the most extensive colour selection and product line to get back to me, with all the information that I needed to make an informed decision, was Dixie BelleThe support I received was amazing, and I was on my way to starting a new career doing what I love.

I couldn't be happier with my decision, and as I grow and meet so many amazing new and experienced furniture artists, it just brings me so much joy.


Looking forward to my bright and colourful future, assisting and teaching all that need me as this is not a job, but a dream come true.





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